My son had great difficulty with reading and after 3 years in primary school still could not identify 2 letter words. He struggled at school and his frustration turned to self-loathing. He hated going to school and it broke my heart to see him this way. Every day was a struggle. We tried so many methods to help him cope but nothing worked. When we saw the ad for the special reading classes with The Reading Academy we decided to give it a go. It was the best thing that ever happened to him. After 2 years of attending Sarah's weekly class he is now a confident and happy child. He caught in all his subjects at school with reading and spelling now being his best subjects and drama class his favourite. His teacher says he is always the first to volunteer to read and he actively participates in all activities - a far cry from the who always kept his head down and never said a word. I cannot give enough praise for the help he received
Co Wexford, Ireland
The Programme is going very well. It's great to finally have a way to help my son. He seems to be responding well and I can notice improvements in this reading already. This a great course and I am very happy with it. Thanks again.
Parent Course
Sarah is an excellent reading teacher. I highly recommend her, she taught my daughter reading skills that really helped. She is kind and patient and most importantly my daughter loved going to her.
Ella has really enjoyed the programme. It has given her great confidence and really helped her to focus on improving her reading skills.
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